Our Story

It began with a simple idea:  Girls should be able to wear what they want and still play and move freely, without worry or limitations.

Nearly five years ago Gina Strano noticed that her preschool daughter’s daily activities at school were not always skirt or dress-friendly.  Whether Samantha lounged on the rug at circle time, climbed to the top of the jungle gym, or hung from the monkey bars while wearing a skirt or dress, the concern about visible underwear loomed.  In fact, Gina had heard that other parents received notes home from school instructing that “modesty shorts” should be worn under skirts or dresses at all times.

She started searching for a product that offered both comfort and coverage for Samantha, but unfortunately couldn’t find anything suitable.  The garments were either too tight, too hot, too uncomfortable, or not versatile enough. Having no fashion or design background, but realizing that other parents likely shared a similar dilemma with their own daughters, Gina created a solution.

Introducing...NADOES - modern bloomers designed to give girls the freedom to wear a skirt or dress, and move around merrily without the worry of showing their underwear.

In creating a product line that offered coverage, but was also stylish and comfortable, Gina took into account every aspect of a girl’s body, movement, and active lifestyle.  Made from an antibacterial, moisture wicking fabric, this full line of bloomers keeps girls cool and comfortable no matter the season, and are loose-fitting enough to encourage movement without bunching or added bulk.  And, although cute enough for people to see, NADOES are made to feel like there’s nothing there!

The mission of NADOES is simple:  

Empower girls to run, jump, twirl and move joyfully without inhibition.